Waimea Canyon (Hawai) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Waimea Canyon in Hawaii.
Waimea Canyon is located on Kauai, the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian Archipelago.The scant canyon landscape is in stark contrast to the dense, tropical rainforests and remarkable variety of plants in the southern part of the island. Due to the spectacular canyon and its immense dimensions this wonderful region was named, ‘The Grand Canyon Of The Pacific’.In spite of the desolate landscape, the red earth and rock gives much of the island a warm and captivating ambience. The timeless beauty of the volcanic landscape and the constantly changing colours of the terrain are an intriguing sight. However, Waimea Canyon is not only famous for its beautiful rocks and deep canyons, numerous waterfalls are also part of its appeal.The picturesque Waimea Road travels toward the interior of the island to the most outstanding vantage points as well as to fascinating walking routes such as the Kukui Trail. The steep road and its narrow curves lead to a special attraction, the outstanding and more than one thousand metre high Waimea Canyon Lookout. Waimea Canyon is unique and unspoiled, a true natural wonder and also a precious treasure that reveals the geological history of the splendid island of Kauai.

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