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Travel by Pakistan Railways Train Route Journey with Kids who are first time traveling on train. Train travel is always a Dream Pak railway trains Journey is a good experience. locations travel Malkwal, Pind dadan Khan, haranpur, Chalisa, Chak nizam, Victoria bridge was built in 1887 as the part of Indian Railways under the Great Britain’s Queen Victoria’s era. Malkwal Railway station to Pind Dadan Khan city Trains now Oprational. after Independence in 1947 the Pakistan Railway is struggling on this historical Trains route. Many time Trains suspended but still, two times are working.
The train journey is always a dream in the kids’ mind in this video younger kids are traveling on the Pakistan railway’s train. world top high speed trains are not in the Pakistan but older are working good now days so enjoy it. Train’s story.
A train sad story pakistan railway 2017 is story of the train. The shuttle one Malkwal railway station junction to Pind dadan khan railway station. Train schedule is 8:00 am from Malkwal junction departure and arrives 8:45 at pind dadan khan but some time pakistan railway time table is not right.The train line between Malkwal to Khushab was built during east india company british rules in 1887. This route is 92 kilometers from Malkwal junction to Khushab railway station.Pakistan railway abandoned the route from Pind dadan khan to khushab in 1999. Now train journey is almost half hour from malkwal to pind dadan khan,
I really miss my Railway stations which was so attractive and beautiful with locals.
I want to visit these stations but no one is helping me. Oh so sad I miss
Kandwal Halt
Dhak Janjua
Rakh Rajar
Khushab Junction

Route History.

The Malakwal–Khushab branch line was built as part of the Sind–Sagar Railway between 1884 to 1939. In May 1887, the Victoria Bridge was completed over the Jhelum river between Malakwal and Chak Nizam and a railway line was constructed from Malakwal to Khushab. The line was conceived to haul freight from the mining rich region and served two important smaller railways: the Gharibwal Cement Works Railway and the Dandot Light Railway (serving the Khewra Salt Mine). In 1939, the Victoria bridge had to be completely re-girdered on the old piers when the bridge proved to be incapable of taking increased rail traffic.
The Dandot Light Railway opened in 1905 as a 10 kilometres 610 mm (2 ft) narrow gauge railway from Dandot railway station to Chalisa Junction railway station. It was built to serve the Khewra Salt Mine.
The Gharibwal Cement Works Railway opened in May 1886 as a 27 kilometres 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) railway from Haranpur Junction to Gharibwal. It was built to serve the Gharibwal quarry.
River Jhelum this was a fast flowing river in the Punjab.
But during
1961-1967 someone did not good with this river and water flowing speed and regular water flowing stops. I was very upset that what happened with this river because after my first journey in 1887 till 1967 there was not lack of the water. In my 80 year career.
Then I listen someone was talking in my coach that
As part of the Indus Waters Treaty signed in 1960, India gained rights to the waters of the Ravi, Sutlej and Beas rivers,
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A train journey in the Pakistan victoria bridge salt mountain ranges area.

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