Top Romantic Travel Destinations for Vegans: Vegan Travel Gals Episode #7 (Vegan Valentine Episode)

Top Romantic Travel Destinations for Vegan Couples
Vegan Travel Gals Episode #7 – 8 February 2018

Episode #7 of Vegan Travel Gals is a special Vegan Valentine’s Day episode! In this episode, we are sharing our favorite romantic destinations for vegan travel with your partner or spouse.

You can click on the time stamps below to jump to the topics that interest you most:
1:40 Caitlin talks about traveling as a vegan in Santorini, Greece and shares an amazing local specialty made with rainwater!
6:23 Caitlin talks about why Prague is so beautifully preserved and why it makes such a great romantic travel destination
7:25 Shares how she became vegan while traveling in Greece
11:05 Tells why she thinks Europe is the best continent for romantic travel
13:10 Bruges, Belgium is a small town that makes a great day trip
14:23 Where to go in Rome to have a romantic dinner
16:35 Donna talks about a Frank Lloyd Write house in Pennsylvania and explains why it’s a romantic destination
18:20 Donna shares her experiences at a spa in the Dominican Republic
19:44 Donna talks about honeymooning in South Africa
20:30 Why staying in a castle is a must for honeymooners in Ireland
22:00 Kim from Veg Jaunts and Journey talks about romantic travel in Hawaii
22:45 Why New York City is a romantic city for travelers
23:20 The best time to travel to Maine and Vermont
25:33 The many attractions of Asheville, North Carolina and why it’s a vegan paradise
26:40 Gaining weight while traveling as a vegan in Kenya
29:00 The most romantic accommodation to splurge on in Spain
31:27 Visiting the home of Dracula in Romania
33:00 Why Lent is the best time for vegans to visit Eastern Europe
36:04 A fully solar-run eco-accommodation in Maryland
37:18 Cameo appearance by Benito the dog!
39:10 Why Asia is a great luxury destination for budget-minded travelers

Links to resources mentioned during the show:

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