The Global Transformation in Education (Updated)

“The Global Transformation in Education” addresses the forces of change that are causing educators globally to rethink what education for today’s students should involve.

Mark Treadwell author of “The Perfect Storm” discusses the collision of three “storms” that are now rocking the world.

1: The arrival of new technologies and a shift to the internet.
2: Changes to how we learn, and how do we know we learn best?
3: Ability for people to use their own creativity to do their own learning.

In a world where we can’t predict what what will come next, people need to become life long learners – and teachers need to make changes in the classroom to prepare their students for this.

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This video was created by PLANE, an Australian cross-sectoral consortium funded under the Digital Education Revolution. We are building an innovative online professional development world for educators. Features include: accredited professional learning, courses, multi-media resources, ICT skills development, e-portfolio, PLN, collaborative tools, 3D virtual world, games-based-learning, and peer coaching.

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