Playing with Dolls (Thriller Movie) Full Movie English I thriller movies thriller story 2017

👉🏼 Supporting my channel by shopping on Amazon : http://amzn.to/2p8btOZ 👉🏼 Subscribe for more Horror and Thriller Movies: http://bit.ly/WatchHORROR Title: Playing with Dolls Summary: A serial killer is purposely released from an asylum for the criminally insane so that he can continue his rampage. Certificate: 18 Partner rating: L V https://goo.gl/1WTLoh ………………………………………………………………………… 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 More full […]

Visitant | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: Visitant vis-i-tant; n: A VISITOR, esp. one from the spirit world… Samantha plays the role of “Fortune Teller,” but she is a thorough skeptic about “paranormal activities” and all things supernatural – she certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts. But one night alone in her house, she is about to learn that […]

Texas Roadside Massacre | Full Horror Film 2015

Kings of Horror presents: Texas Roadside Massacre Five college friends take a detour while traveling to their spring break destination. They end up in the remote mountain town of Blueridge, where Karen (Marina Resa) believes her older sister went missing 2 years before. After a few odd encounters with the locals, Karen and her friends […]

The Last Light | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: The Last Light Buy this film on iTunes and make it yours: https://goo.gl/Cn5Rtr Don’t be afraid of the dark. Be afraid of what is in the dark. Local handy man Rob Walker is hired to brick up and block all entrances and windows of a secluded and abandoned mansion along the […]

Ridge War Z | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

Kings of Horror presents: Ridge War Z Three years have passed since the zombie war had been won but for the veterans who fought in that terrible conflict, their memories and pain won’t let them forget. Now the only three surviving veterans of the most brutal battle of the entire war (Gory Ridge) return to […]

Hayride | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: Hayride Steven Summers returns home to southern Alabama from college with his girlfriend Amanda to attend his uncle’s annual Haunted Hayride. Unaware that an escaped killer is on the loose, Steven will soon face the real life embodiment of PITCHFORK, a character his uncle created for the Hayride and Steven’s childhood […]

Minecraft | Scream

Minecraft Scream Ghostface crashes our party and causes a ruckus! Find out what happens in this Minecraft Scream episode. Thanks and please subscribe — https://www.youtube.com/c/CaptainTate Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/Captain-Tate-EnderCree-160098527677353/ Twitter — @Captain_Tate And please leave a like !

[FUNNY] TOP SCARIEST MOMENTS OF GAMING! 100’000 Subs Special! (Episode 6)

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Hell’s Highway | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror Movie

Four college friends take a fateful road trip. The road, Hell’s Highway, becomes a direct route to terror. They pick up Lucinda: A hot young hitchhiker, full of sexual deviance and lust for the bloody kill. After being terrorized and nearly killed, the group manages to turn the tables. They thought they killed her, but […]

3 Tunnels 2 Hell | Full Horror Movie

“Kings of Horror presents: 3 Tunnels 2 Hell Buy this film on iTunes and make it yours: https://goo.gl/TrzElU A remote forested island in the Pacific Northwest, undisturbed for over 20 years, is visited by a group of campers on horseback. The camp tranquility is broken by violence and terror once they discover an old bunker […]

The Shattering | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: The Shattering In the dead of night, Donovan (Liam McMahon) drives his girlfriend, Lucy (Anna Moore) and four friends to a secret rendezvous in the woods. They believe they are meeting a “medicine man” who can cure Lucy’s terminal cancer, but they grow suspicious when a booby-trap in the road forces […]

Insane | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: Insane From the film team that brought us the cult horror classic – Evil Ed. The search for a missing girl…A hotel off the beaten path…A receipt for terror… Sarah, a young woman, is on a desperate search for her sister who mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago while on her way […]