Now Available Reiki Sessions for Pets/Animals

Reiki Sessions for Pets/Animals can be purchased at this link. https://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/reiki.html All Reiki Sessions can be found at this link. http://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/reiki.html Donation button found at bottom of website at this link, http://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/ Personalized YouTube Videos: http://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/reiki.html All Reiki Classes: http://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/reiki_classes.html All Readings: https://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/read_readings.html Newsletter: https://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/us_contact.html Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restrelaxationandreiki/ Rest Relaxation and Reiki Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ReikiFromLourdes/ Pinterest […]

Reiki for Sick Pets/Animals*

This video is different from my other videos in that this video is specifically for sick pets while the other ones are for their overall well being. The other videos can be found at the end of this video. *Please note, Reiki is not a medical treatment and should be used along with any treatment […]

Reiki for Pets/Animals

This video can be used with Reiki for Pets 2 for optimum results. It can also be used with Reiki for Sick Pets and Reiki for Pets for a pet that is ill. Blessings, Lourdes Donation Button found at the bottom of this website: http://restrelaxationandreiki.com/ Personalized Reiki Session: http://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/reiki.html Reiki Classes: http://www.restrelaxationandreiki.com/reiki_classes.html Psychic Readings: http://www.readingsrr.com/read_readings.html […]