We The People: Dealing With Hate In Schools

Communal tension is a matter of concern in India. A parent has also written a book on this subject that shares what it is like to raise a Muslim child in India today. In this episode of We The People, we discuss that if the most privileged children in India, with access to world-class educational […]

We The People: Are India’s Rich Charitable Enough?

According to a report, the richest 1% Indians possess 58% of all wealth in the country. With the country’s growing income gap, the silver lining seems to be the deepening philanthropic streak in India’s ultra rich; the Nilekanis being the latest addition to the list of Indian billionaires who have pledged a portion of their […]

We The People: India’s Healthcare: What’s The Cure?

A bill of Rs 16 lakh for dengue treatment in a case where the 7 -year-old patient eventually succumbed to the illness; a living newborn declared dead – cases of alleged wrongdoing or negligence at the hands of private hospitals in the last fortnight have again called into question the efficiency of India’s healthcare system. […]

We The People: Anti-Dowry Law – The Two Sides

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court issued guidelines to curb the alleged misused of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, meant to deal with cases of dowry-related abuse. While men’s rights activists claim the law is a tool for extorting husbands and their families, women’s rights activists feel the dilution of 498A will be […]

We The People: India’s ‘Airpocalypse’

The Indian Medical Association has declared a public health emergency in Delhi. With a thick cloud of smog hovering over the capital city, the question of India’s pollution crisis is back in focus. On this episode of We The People, we ask: with PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels much above the WHO safe levels […]

We The People: Demonetisation – Hit Or Miss?

A year has passed since 86 per cent of all currency in India was declared invalid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hailed as one of the most disruptive economic policies anywhere in the world, the practice has both supporters and serious critics. On this episode of We The People, we ask: if 99% of the […]

We The People: Re’right’ing History?

The Taj Mahal is in the news again but not for its breathtaking beauty but as a site of political and religious dispute with some historians and political groups claiming that it’s not representative of the Indian culture and that it’s been built on the site of an erstwhile Shiva Temple. The controversy rose to […]