Things People Say To Age Gap Couples

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Harry Styles & Louis Tomlison Confront Dating Rumors – Larry Stylinson!

Harry Styles & Louis Tomlison Confront Dating Rumors – Larry Stylinson! Subscribe | http://bit.ly/Sub2HotMinute Send Chelsea a Tweet! | http://bit.ly/TweetChelsea Follow Hollywire! | http://bit.ly/TweetHollywire One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louie Tomlinson continue to fight off dating rumors —are people taking it too far? So this rumor has been going on too darn long and while […]

I Swapped Styles With My Gay BFF

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Philadelphia (1993) – Movie Trailer

With Hanks, who is always watchable, and Washington, who has also got a very good track record, this film was destined to be fantastic but not even I, who always has an optimistic view when it comes to movies, was ready for the impact that this film made. Tom Hanks excelled even himself with his […]

Parents on SEX Education

A video about the birds and the bees. and how parents don’t know how to handle the awkward situation that sex ed creates lolol lyrics lol: i hump her like a doggy hump a leg, in the morning i say BITCH COOK ME SOME EGG. when she cooking i run away and say bye bye, […]

Sam: A Short Film About Gender Identity and LGBTQ Bullying

“Sam” is a short film about gender identity and LGBTQ bullying written and directed by Sal Bardo. Synopsis: After being bullied at school for dressing as a boy, Sam escapes into the fields surrounding her house, where she’s forced to choose between who she is and who society thinks she should be. Sal Bardo is […]


Hey guys finally our first Brazil Vlog. We had  a lot issues with the internet in Brazil so wasn’t possible to post right away. Sorry for that, but now WE ARE BACK! We are still learning how to do VLOGS so please be patient with us. If you have any tips on how to vlog better […]

A Short Film About Love

A short film about love. (WE MADE THIS WITH $400) ALEX: https://www.instagram.com/alexanderperry/?hl=en JORDAN: https://www.instagram.com/jordandoww/ TYLER: https://twitter.com/tyleriacona?lang=en Directed by Michael J Murphy Cinematography by Donald Turner Music by Michael Visalli Costume by Christel Vidal Additional Help by Frankie Manes ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT: WhatsaMikey I hope that you guys enjoyed this video! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE- […]

AUDACITY – Full Movie (2015) HD – Ray Comfort

From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program “The Way of the Master” and the hit movies “180” and “Evolution vs. God,” comes the powerful film “Audacity.” Executive produced by TV co-host and best-selling author Ray Comfort (Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible), this film delivers an unexpected, eye-opening look at […]

Get Educated About Homosexuality

This video is not mine. However, I’m re-posting this video for the purposes of entertainment and education. Therefore, it falls under the guide lines of fair use. This cartoon is from the 2007 documentary film “For the Bible Tells Me So”. I

People Guess the Sexual Orientation of Strangers (Karlos) – Lineup

We asked Karlos to try and guess the sexual orientation of strangers. For more videos, visit http://bit.ly/watchcutyoutube Visit our website: http://bit.ly/cutdotcom For licensing & media inquiries: http://bit.ly/cutlicensing Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut.com! Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watchcut Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/watchcut Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/storiesbycut Get Cut swag here: http://bit.ly/BuyCut

Snogging – Lesbian Short Film

The film Snogging tells the story of Fleur and Elise (15). At their high school they see a snogging couple which arouses their curiosity for love. They try to apply the flirt techniques they find online. At first this has no result, but gradually they become better and better. Eventually they are invited to a […]

Home(less) [Short Film] – Full Movie

Home(less) is the story of Ben, a gay seventeen year old on the verge of aging-out of foster care. He has been in six different foster homes and three group homes over the past five years. Becoming accustomed to conditional love, Ben has lost hope in finding a forever family. He struggles with establishing a […]

Love Market (Vietnam Travel / Adventure Documentary) (2016)

“VIBRANT HIGHLAND, COMMERCIAL LOVE” (“Love Market”) Directed & Produced by Matt Dworzańczyk Associate Producer: Gerald Herman Cinematography by Hoang Chaizee Sound Editing: Hoang Thu Thuy & William Cox Original Musical Score by: Josh Kopeček “It’s a story of wild & exotic love. It’s a story of tribal kings and opium trade. It’s a story of […]

Gay Characters on Disney Channel and in Disney Movies

As Cyrus from “Andi Mack” came out as gay yesterday, I decided to compile the history of openly gay characters on Disney Channel and in Disney movies. Full list of names of the TV episodes and movies: 1. Susan & Cheryl from Good Luck Charlie (S04E19) 2. Bucky and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson from Zootopia (2016) 3. […]

SAM – Short Film

“SAM” Centered around a soldier returning home from deployment to find his boyfriend diagnosed with Stage Three Leukemia. Approximately every 3 minutes one person in the United States (US) is diagnosed with a blood cancer. An estimated combined total of 171,550 people in the US alone are expected to be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma or […]

Stand Up Comedy from Neel Nanda

Stand Up Comedy from Neel Nanda on Jimmy Kimmel Live Jimmy Kimmel’s Dad at World Series Media Day https://youtu.be/rkhehVBVKgw SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/JKLSubscribe Watch Mean Tweets: http://bit.ly/KimmelMT10 Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/JKLWebsite Like Jimmy Kimmel on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/KimmelFB Like Jimmy Kimmel Live on FACEBOOK: […]

Arrival: A Short Film by Alex Myung (2016)

Written, Directed and Animated by Alex Myung, this 2D-animated film explores one boy’s struggle to face the truth of his life and love, and reveal it to the person he cares about most. ‘Arrival’ delves into the often unexamined ripple effect that hiding your true-self has on loved ones around you. Funded through Kickstarter in […]

Gay short film – Pink Moon (2015)

In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unplanned pregnancy before their secret romance is exposed. The award-winning “Pink Moon,” written and directed by Sal Bardo and starring Brandon Tyler Harris, Thomas Roberts, Cole Johnston, Adam Jepsen, Sandy York, Shawn Parr, and Riley Suter, confronts […]

Ways People Kiss.

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