Suing Trump & YouTube Seduction Artist: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the April 2, 2018, FULL EPISODE on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

4:21 Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill to increase teacher salaries by an average of $6,100 and restore funding to education. That step does not meet the demands of some teachers, who are fighting for more. VICE News speaks to one of the teachers about the bill and how long they’re prepared to take a stand.

8:32 The president is being sued by many people for many different reasons. For years it was very hard to sue the president, due to precedent designed to protect the Oval Office from frivolous lawsuits. Trump is making it easier.

11:45 The Sacramento Kings have established an education fund for Stephon Clark’s children and connected with advocacy groups

Justin Wayne is one of the most popular so-called ‘seduction artists’ on YouTube. Wayne tries to prove that his tips work by posting what he calls “in-field” videos, and “lay reports” — hidden camera footage of him picking up seemingly unsuspecting women.

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