Scanwest Autosport SAAB Promo Rally

Produced by Art Robles
In 1995 Scanwest Autosport’s owner/ co-driver Rob Walden and driver Sam Bryan got SAAB’s attention by winning the 1995 SCCA Pro Rally Group 2 Championship in a naturally aspirated 1980 900. At the end of the 1995 season Saab started sponsorship of Scanwest and preparations began for building a 300hp 1996 900 SE. The footage you are about to see is promo footage filmed by Saab to promote the new rally car sponsorship. The 900 in the footage is barely a week old after being completely prepped for racing by Scanwest Autosport. With a completely new car for the 1996 season, the racing did not return the results as expected. Scanwest Autosport and SAAB came roaring back for the 1997 season and took the SCCA Pro Rally Group 5 Championship as well as the Woodner Cup for fastest 2-wheel-drive competitor of the season. Enjoy!

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