Reptile Room Tour Fall 2017 | Meet my 47 PETS!

Yes, I’m really back! This is my largest, most comprehensive room tour yet, with 47 individual animals compromising 25 species!
Sadly, this is my last room tour until I can get somewhere else worked out (so, only about a year). For the time being, all of my animals are being safely housed in responsible foster homes! My first semester of college is gearing up to be pretty busy, but with any luck I’ll have time to resume a proper upload schedule. Tons of footage to work on, just not much time to edit!

Oh, and thank y’all so much for 40 thousand subs. Legitimately never thought I’d say that.

Animals featured in this video:
Bearded Dragons
Argentine Black and White Tegu
Northern Blue Tongue Skink
Gold Dust Day Geckos
Crested Gecko
Banded Gecko
Hog Island Boa Constrictor
Blood Python
Ball Python
Eastern Black-necked Garter Snake
California Red-sided Garter Snake
Razorback Musk Turtles
Guadalupe Spiny Softshell Turtle
Three-toed Box Turtles
Coastal Plains Toads
Sonoran Desert Toad
Cuban Tree Frog
African Clawed Frog
Senegal Bichir
Kuhli Loaches
Banjo Catfish
Texas Giant Red-headed Centipede
Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula
Sonoran Desert Millipedes
Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroaches

Footage taken with an iPhone 7 Plus
Editing done in Hitfilm Express



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