How to Profit Gud from KEY Attendance days AND 2 FREE PETS easy profit in Black Desert Online BDO


Hey Youtube, Incendar heeeeerrrrreee

Today will cover how to profit more from key attendce reward days and get 2 free pets

Most of this will be for newer players and regions but you may pick some new info up even if youve been playing longer.

Im recording from the NA region January 2018, you may not have attendance rewards yet in your region but this can help you be ready too.

1. try to log in every day to get them all. In BDO its ideal to leave pc running 24-7 for workers anyway and youll get all the rewards automatically if you just leave the game running.
If cant leave it run on your main pc, maybe run bdo on a cheap laptop or another pc

2. To prepare for the most profiable days have TONS of storage, get this with pearls, loyalty, cp, alts and wagons you cant have too much

3 There are three attendance reward categories, one everyone gets, one for bring in a guild, and one for new or returning players more on that in a few

4. Dont min sell but buy at min!

5. On higher value items youll notice the price on those items goes to min, store them and just wait for the market to recover. These days also present an opportunity to those with silver stash to spam buy those hard to get accesories cheaper.

6 Try your best to be on as soon as the day resets and at a marketplace npc, no matter how many market maids you have its not enough.

This month of unique interest is the two free pets, to get both requires the returning status. If you are low on cp workers and super casual it could be better to not play for 30 days at some point and return to get the free pet, value packs, blessing, inventorys, olvia access and more decent rewards.

I cant confirm yet but you may not be able to have two cuck u out at the same time but it may be similar to pengus and can smash for higher tier.

thanks Rachagol for the returing screen!

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