How to Play Balkan Music on Piano Accordion – Lesson 7 – Breaza Style
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Stanislav Culcicovschi (Liberty Bellows Artist in Residence Fall 2017). Stas earned a Master’s Degree in accordion performance from the Academy of Music, Theater and Arts conservatory in Chisinau, Moldova. He looks forward to sharing his 20 years of accordion experience to help you along your accordion journey. Stas is particularly well versed in the music of Eastern Europe and will be teaching group lessons with a focus on technical exercises, complex time signatures, Balkan ornamentation, and bellows techniques.

The online lessons are designed to supplement individual or group lessons which are offered at our store in Philadelphia or online via Skype. For more information about accordion instruction, visit our page here:

Our Artist in Residence program is an opportunity for talented accordionists to share their craft with our online and in store network. If you would like to be considered for a future appointment as an Artist in Residence, please contact us to apply.

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