Honda Transalp Motorcycle Adventure Travel Around the World

Music by Joe Robertho [ ]

A day in a life out of many spent on the road. My name is Pedro Mota and I ride my trusty Honda Transalp motorcycle around the world. Over two years on the road through 31 countries and having done 80.000km. Got plans for more!

An adventure bike ride halfway around the world on a Transalp and enjoying every bit of traveling on a dualsport motorcycle. Scenery always changing and the same for terrain. One day motorcycle touring on the tarmac, the next some offroad riding in the dirt. As one of the earlier dualsport motorcycles the Honda Transalp is perfect for this kind of adventure riding around the world. Cannot belief she is already 25 years old!

Come join me on this motorcycle adventure! Got heaps of riding footage to share and there are still plenty of places to go! Please subscribe and enjoy the ride.

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