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Gdansk is the largest city in the north of Poland and a principal seaport on the Baltic coast. It used to be called Free City of Gdansk, today is called City of Freedom. The most central point of the city is the Neptune’s Fountain. Located by the entrance to Artus Court next to the Main Town Hall, …it is at the crossroad of the Long Lane and the Long Market. This two streets are one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city. At the end of the Long Street there is the Golden Gate, and on the way there are a lot of interesting, colorful and important architecture like the Uphagen House and the Windows Theater. The Green Gate is on the other end of the Long Market. It used to be a merchant road and now it’s a main artery. Behind Green Gate flows Motlawa River, and along it stretches Long Bridge with picturesque brick buildings, apartments, moored vessels and the Crane, which acted both as a cargo port and a defensive gate.

In the heart of the Main Town lies a narrow, cobblestone, medieval St. Mary’s street. You can find there rich ornamentation and gargoyles, This is also a good place to buy souvenirs made of amber… At the end of St. Mary’s Street there is St. Mary’s Church which is supposedly the largest brick church in the world with a stunning 360-degree view of the city. The church was completed at the beginning of the sixteenth century. It can fit nearly 20,000 people. Inside is located an ancient astronomical clock from the fifteenth century.

In Gdansk there are several places of glory and a special remembrance particularly important for the local community, such sites include Polish Post Office Museum, Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970, Monument is located near European Solidarity Center and Gdansk’s Shipyard. And Westerplatte, a national memorial and museum site dedicated to Polish soldiers at the beginning of the Second World War.
One of the most famous person born in Gdansk was astronomer Jan Heweliusz. He made many interesting cosmic observations. Gdansk has also very modern stadium with more than 40 000 seats
and even if you are not a football fun it’s worth a visit.


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Old Town (Neptune’s Fountain, Long Lane, Long Market, Golden Gate, Green Gate, Mariacka Street, Motlawa River, Crane, St. Mary’s Church, Uphagen House, Windows Theatre, SS Soldek):
Polish Post Office Museum:
Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970 & Gdansk Shipyard:
Stadium Energa Gdansk:

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