Education in Rural Bangladesh – A Visionary Journey

With the objective of making a small contribution towards expanding the human development capacities for the rural poor in Bangladesh, the family of late Velayet Hossain of Nallapara village,Tangail ( about 80 kilometers from Dhaka city) started a high school in 1993. Under the initiation, vision and leadership of his eldest son Mohammed Delwar Hossain, this ancestral village home situated in an undeveloped and inaccessible area of rural Bangladesh, was transformed beyond recognition. It was envisaged that a model high school should provide, at an affordable cost, quality education, not only in the traditional fields of humanities, natural sciences and social sciences but also theoretical teaching and practical training in vocational subjects. A large playing field, a big pond and boundary wall, are now part of the school complex, which is dotted with forestry, fruit bearing, vegetative, medicinal and flowering trees and plants.

(A Multipurpose Institution for Education and Training in Self Reliance) school has become an exemplary seat of learning for the children of an area which previously had no secondary level educational institution and the children mostly dropped out after the primary level. It is not only an integral part of their lives but something in which they take pride. Over 2000 children are now being prepared each year for a future they can look forward to, with hope for a better quality of life.

One man’s vision of transforming the rural education canvas of Bangladesh has made a difference at least to one village in the country.

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