Baby Learn To Take Care Of Cute Pets – Strawberry Shortcake Perfect Puppy & Doctor Games For Kids

Strawberry Shortcake Puppy Dr.
By Cupcake Digital, Inc.

Help Strawberry Shortcake take care of 7 cute little puppies at the Berry Bitty City Animal Hospital! Spot tummies full of butterflies, brush icky teeth, fix broken bones, and more!

In this deluxe storybook app, read all about what happens when Huckleberry Pie’s van breaks down on the way to the Berry Bitty City animal shelter. When the six adorable puppies have nowhere to stay that night, all of Strawberry Shortcake’s friends decide to help take care of the puppies. The girls don’t know which puppy to choose, but Strawberry knows just how to help Orange Blossom, Cherry Jam, Blueberry Muffin, Plum Pudding, Raspberry Torte, and Lemon Meringue find their perfect puppies.

Then in the Perfect Puppy Doctor activity, head to the Berry Bitty City Pet Hospital, where Pupcake, Scouty, Henna, CinnaPup, Marmalade, Pitterpatch and Chiffon are not feeling well, and it’s up to you to help! Use the tools to find out what’s wrong and then make them all better again! Start out as an assistant vet, and earn pet certificates for your hard work until you become the berry best puppy doctor!


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