Aberration Shoulder Pets | Ark Survival Evolved | Aberration

In this video, I explain the new shoulder mounted creatures of Aberration, their abilities, how to tame them and what those weird new stats mean!

At the time of making this video not many people were aware of how to turn them on while they were mounted. You can do this via the emotes by holding down ‘[‘ or ‘]’ to enter emotes radial wheel and selecting “Light”
Letting go of the key while hovering over the emote without clicking will allow you to set it to that bracket as a hotkey for easier switching on and off in the future.

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0:10 Charge?
0:30 Taming
0:55 Recharging
1:07 New Stats
1:28 Glowbugs
1:40 Bulbdog
1:48 Shinehorn
1:56 Featherlight
2:05 Glowtail

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