25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies

Do you have any idea what the DUMBEST things people do in horror movies are? Horror movies are full of scared people doing the dumbest things to escape their doom only to be caught by the murderer. If you want to guess who will survive a horror movie, these are definitely the biggest horror movie mistakes to avoid. Don’t miss these 25 Dumbest Things People Do in Horror Movies!

If you’re a fan of horror, you know that in every movie at least one person will do something so dumb they are certain to be the killer’s next target. From missing the obvious way out or choosing the wrong place to hide, horror movie characters can make some stupid choices that leave you rooting for the murderer to find them. These dumb horror movie decisions will have you shaking your head and shouting at the screen to warn the characters of their own stupidity. Think you’re smarter than a horror movie character? Check out these dumb things people in horror movies do (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know what dumb horror movie decisions you think we missed!


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You will not believe the dumb things people in horror movies do. From the obvious like splitting up (there is safety in numbers!) to hiding in a super obvious place (they will look under the bed!) these horror movie decisions are downright stupid. Others leave us wondering what’s wrong with these horror movie characters as they trip over everything, get trapped in weird places, intentionally stay in places without cell service or decide to drive the worst car possible on their getaway/road trip/friends weekend. If you are ever in a horror movie, remember, don’t keep the creepy object, live in the haunted house, follow the trail of blood alone, or dare the killer to kill you. See all these and more (including the dumbest decision of them all) with these 25 dumbest things people do in horror movies!

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