20 Strange Pets People Actually Brought To Walmart

If you thought People of Walmart were strange what about the funny pets & animals they bring to the store to go shopping with!

12. Pig
Attention Walmart shoppers, have you hugged your pig today? Well, this lady has, and this probably isn’t the first time either. Bringing your pet pig on your grocery run may have its advantages though: your oinker can sniff out the bargains, hog the entire aisle, and pig out on all the attention. In all seriousness though, that pig looks a little nervous. Best stay away from the pork section.

11. Monkey
Ah, there is nothing better than a guy and his pet taking a stroll around Walmart. The question is – which one is the guy and which one is the pet? First of all, check out that carabiner and chain. What are you trying to hold down? King Kong? Not that we are moaning about it – the last thing you want is a naughty rascal running riot around the store… and that applies to both the man and the monkey.

10. Iguana
Many people collect exotic pets to display in their homes as a point of pride and joy. But if you don’t have many visitors over, you have no choice but to take the exotic pet to the people, right? Not exactly the most stylish accessory, but that’s okay – human obviously just doesn’t suit your skin tone, Mr. Iguana.

9. Skunk
We aren’t saying that the selection at Walmart stinks, but something sure does. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with an S. But don’t tell the owner. They thought they got a really smelly black and white cat with a really unusual hairdo.

8. Goat
Lots of people bring their pets along with them to Walmart. That is nothing new, but this one just goat serious. This is nothing to kid around about. Bringing a goat into a store has serious RAM-ifications. Next time you come to the store to do your weekly shopping, you best leave that goat with a nanny. The only thing that gets my goat is that the little hat that the little goat is wearing is better than these puns. What a silly billy.

7. Snake
When we go shopping, it is common to see kids in the toy aisle playing with the rubber snakes, trying to prank each other or scare their parents. I guess this guy didn’t get the memo that the snake had to be rubber. There is nothing worse than being the only real snake at a rubber snake party… Poor snake, it really squeezed the life out of his confidence.

6. Possum
Pets come in all shapes and sizes, species and breeds. And judging by the smile that this man has on his face, he really loves his pet, even though it is a possum. But then again, judging by the literal rabid look on the possum’s face, he really loves the man too. Or maybe he was just playing possum.

5. Kangaroo
Is that a kangaroo in your handbag or are you just happy to… hold on! That is a kangaroo! We have so many questions about this situation, starting with how the kangaroo ended up in this lady’s handbag, and why it is in there in the first place. Don’t worry about the naysayers, little jumper. We will make them roo the day they ever said something negative about a kangaroo in a handbag.

4. Fox
And today on FOX NEWS… no not that type of FOX NEWS, we mean the lowercase fox news… as in the news that there is a fox being carried around Walmart. Why this foxy lady decided to bring her furry fox friend along to Walmart is beyond us, but it did leave us wondering one thing: What does the fox say?

3. Birds
Birds are built with light bones and strong wings so that they can fly. Just like humans evolved so that they could be fast on their feet and catch prey, or avoid being the prey, anyway. But that was then and this is now. Humans these days are not in any shape to catch any sort of prey, and birds seem to be taking the easy way out and are grabbing a free ride. Let’s take the above living perch… ahem… I mean, lady. Her neck is bent unnaturally to bear the weight of the lazy birds. The bigger concern is that neither of these birds seems to be wearing a diaper, and you know what that means… This lady needs to stop by at the shampoo aisle.

2. Turkey
No matter where you go in the world, you will most likely find a Walmart, even in Turkey. On the other side, you may also find a turkey in any Walmart, regardless of whether it is in Turkey or California. While having turkeys as pets is not necessarily an uncommon thing, it is pretty strange to see your Thanksgiving dinner being pushed around in the baby seat of a shopping cart.

1. Capybara
This cute, furry creature is a called a Capybara, and it is the largest rodent in the world. They are found in South America’s lowland savannas and forests…. And in a Walmart in Texas. What on earth would this creature being doing so far from home… and on a leash? It would appear that people will never learn that a wild animal is not supposed to be kept as a pet. Look at this fellas eyes. He is not having any of it.

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