12 Strangest Pets

Who want’s a boring dog anymore? Why not trade up for a strange racoon dog whose always down for fun or even a miniature goat!

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6. Skunks
Did you know people can actually own skunks as pets? In some states they don’t allow it but other places it’s perfectly fine. You might think this would be a horrible idea and your house would smell horrible but the actual truth is, all you would need to do first is have their scent glands removed and then have it spayed or neutered et voila, you have yourself an strange pet. Skunk owners consider them to be very curious and tame creatures. Just a steady supply of fruits and veggies will keep them going. There might be a few set backs; vets aren’t too accustomed to treating skunks and it might throw them off a little bit. You also have to keep in mind that pet skunks can never be released back into the wild again since they don’t have their scent glands. So be ready for a long term committed relationship with a skunk.

5. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
It’s hard to believe anyone would want to let one of these into their homes willingly but some people become extremely attached to them. Definitely not as cuddly looking as our last few; but if you’re able to forget about the fact that you’re purposely letting a creepy insect in your home, this might actually make a good pet. They won’t fly or bite and many claim that the hissing noise they make is actually pretty cool. These bugs are known for being quite the escape artist so you’d have to make sure your cage is pretty well sealed. Be ready to feed it an omnivorous diet with fruit and even dog food will keep them well nourished. Some states require you getting a permit to bring these home and be ready to expect the unexpected.

4. Oranda Goldfish
This isn’t your ordinary goldfish. Although some people do keep them as exotic pets, these fish are known for their abnormal cranial structure which almost makes it look like it has an enormous brain called a wen, or hood. This really comes from years of a selective style of breeding . Orandas come in many different shapes and colors like red, red and white, black, blue and even panda-colored like you see in this photo. At full growth, the oranda goldfish can reach sizes of 20-31 centimeters or 8-12 inches. If you are thinking about getting one of these fish, be sure to keep it in warm water.

3. Half Fish
Yep, it’s exactly as it sound. A man in Thailand came across half a fish that was being sold at supermarket. He decided to adopt this poor thing even naming it I-half. It miraculously, it survived! Despite completely lacking a tail or other fins, this little guy managed to live a full 6 months and became slightly famous in the process, showing it to other villagers. When I-half passed away, him and his friends built a small coffin and tombstone for it.

2. Pet Fawns
One of Norway’s most well known hunter, Halvor Sveen, is the proud owner of two baby fawns. He decided to adopt these little animals when their mother had died. Knowing no other way for them to survive without their mother, he decided to take them in and it’s been going great! Despite the ironic companionship between a deers and a hunter, they’ve been inseparable since and they’ll even sleep in his room! Halvor has even given them the names of Knoll and Tott. The fawns must be bottle fed often, as you can see in this photo, and they’ll most likely have to grow up in the wild. Halvor planned to release the duo onto an island where there is no predators, so they’ll be safe.

1.Pet Bear
If you saw an abandoned baby bear on the side of the street would you take it in as a pet? Possibly Photoshopped? No! This is Russia. Svetlana and Yuriy from adopted a brown bear when it was only 3 months old and he’s now 300 pounds. Who’d want a teddy bear when you can have the real thing? The bear is even so domesticated, that it even cuddles up next to them while they’re watching TV. The 23 year old bear named Stephan is extremely tame and the couple has never had any issues from aggressiveness. He does however have an untameable appetite and eats about 25 kilograms of fish per day. The owners both agree, that life without Stephan would be completely un-bear-able!

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